Thank you for visiting our shop and please check the dropdown menu to see all the shop pages. 

There is a range of items for sale - cd clocks, fridge magnets, soaps, badges, bobble hats etc and every penny raised will go to Ellie's Fund for the Rainbow Garden.

A Paypal button is under each item, or details at the bottom of each page if you wish to pay by cheque. 

Among the items you will see various Tilly items and a little background about her is included here.

Welcome to Witchyland, a kingdom not very, very far from here. It's inhabited by witchies, gardening angels, elves, ghosties, spidies, assorted other magical creatures and, of course, Tilly, our witchy heroine.

Tilly is not your usual witchy. Amongst other things, our Tilly is famous (or should that be infamous??) for her highly distinctive fashion sense. Her fabulous sense of colour co-ordination has made her a trend setter amongst fashion conscious witchies, along with the 'finger stuck in electric socket' hair style!

She still has her L-plates on when it comes to magic spells, but she does try hard, spending hours in the witchy kitchen hubbling & bubbling with all sorts of very strange ingredients, helped by her constant companions & partners in crime, Spidey, the gloriously technicoloured spider & Boris, the obligatory black cat. 

A selection of some of the items you will find on the shop pages. 

Happy Hens CD Clock

   SHOP 2 - Handpainted CD clocks
       SHOP 3 - Printed CD clocks
                 Variety of designs.

       SHOP 6 Wordsearches etc 

             Tilly witch fridge magnet
       SHOP 4 - magnets & badges

                       Variety of designs.

SHOP 7 - Ellie's Rainbow Bobble ( or non bobble ) Hats - variety of designs.

Snowman Soap 

     SHOP 5 - Handpainted soaps 
                Variety of designs.
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