While there are ideas / rough plans drawn up of what we'd love to eventually achieve, what work is actually done will of course, depend on what funds are raised - no point promising to reach the moon when we can only reach the stars ! 

 Obviously, whatever can be recycled from the current garden will be used wherever possible. We will re-use the railway sleepers to widen the current borders,use the seating & sundial , top up the existing mulches,  & incorporate 'The Wall' somehow to make it less obtrusive. We're only going to do this once so we may as well do it right - if that means we have to wait a wee while longer, then so be it ..........................it'll be worth it in the end!

Firstly, the drainage needs to be sorted as the ground remains waterlogged, not visible work but essential. The success of the Rainbow Garden will depend on getting the preparation right.  We've brought a friendly professional gardener on board to advise & to make sure we make the best possible use of the funds raised.

Then the fun begins with the actual plants. Ideally, We'd like an evergreen hedge ( NO conifers!) to enclose the garden plot along the car park side with an inner shrub border which will have a long period of interest with blossom, perfume, berries, autumn colour etc . Hopefully, this will be the basis of the Rainbow idea. We want it to be a wildlife friendly garden which will also be as low maintenance as we can possibly make it. With this in mind, we'd like to plant a corresponding shrub rose border along the opposite edge & possibly extend it along the other 2 edges to make the garden a seperate entity to the general kennels' grounds. 

  It would be lovely also to maybe have somewhere to sit even when it's raining ( this is Scotland .......... it rains occasionally! ) - maybe somewhere to go to remember past pets & people, perhaps even to consider a new canine pal. 

The donated / sponsored plants ie trees, bushes, shrubs etc will have a permanent label  with the relevant name attached to them . We are also thinking of a Thank You board or book somewhere in the garden where we could put our thanks to donors, sponsors, any businesses who help us out or indeed, anybody at all who has made this possible.


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