Welcome to Ellie's World...............  where every day had rainbows to chase, a world where self-imposed jobs had to be done with gusto & a world where enjoying life was all that mattered.

8 am 

2pm.  I know they're in there somewhere - better stir 'em up a bit !

8pm Quick 40 winks to get over the bath indignity 

We collected Ellie as a rehome from a lovely couple who could no longer look after her properly due to their progressive ill health, so they decided to do right by her & look for a new home. I don't think any of us knew what was going to happen - but I'm so glad it did! 

10am - still there

4pm - yep, you guessed it - guess who overbalanced & fell in? 

10pm Back on duty.......... just in case !
Beardies are the clowns of the dog world & Ellie took this role seriously, despite being a cross with a border collie. We thought this might have increased her brain power...........................how wrong we were :)

One of her self-imposed roles was putting herself on fish guarding duty. Obviously, our shubunkins & orfes were hell bent on escaping our garden ponds but there was no way that was going to happen on Ellie's watch!

12 noon - bringing in Owen as reluctant reinforcements! 

6pm - Who said "bath"???? Don't do baths - they've got bubbles & smell funny. I'll just hide here behind this tree till the humans forget all about me. 

You haven't seen me, right?

12 MN and so to bed.....tomorrow's another day! 

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